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Free VPN, is it Safe

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Free VPN, is it Safe

Virtual Private Network aka VPN is a connection between networks that is private, carried out through public networks and allows the exchange of resources privately. If it is easily analogized, VPN is the same as just a firewall on your computer. Where VPN is claimed will protect online activities that you do refer to our last discussion about vpn and why you should have a vpn. On Google Play and the App Store, there are currently various applications that offer VPN networks for free to its users.

Many people call VPNs more secure than ordinary internet connections. But this understanding tends to be wrongly prepared by some people, especially for some people who only look for sources of information from the internet. Not all VPNs that we can find Safe for us to use, especially there are several Free VPNs that can be a danger that can be caused when you use them. In some research that we collected from Consumers AdVocate there What are the dangers that can arise? We will discuss it.

1. Data and IP Addresses Leaks

Data leaks and IP addresses have become the most crucial issues when you use free VPN services. In fact, the CSIRO study states that around 84% of free VPNs open up IPv6 users clearly. Not only that, 60% of them also leaked DNS requests, thus making the browsing history and browser location open.

2.     Adware attacks

Some Free VPN providers often include annoying adware or adware attacks. This ad is a source of income for Free VPN providers. Free VPN providers will display advertisements sourced from third parties. Not only that, VPN Providers can also provide data and internet access history to third parties. The number of ads that appear clearly disturbing, ranging from making a slower internet connection, displaying ads that you don’t want to see, or it will be worse that will directing you to some dangerous sites.

3. Selling Your Personal Data

The disadvantage of using VPN, especially Free, can make your personal data recorded by the VPN service provider every time there is activity. Unfortunately, many VPN providers are not credible and irresponsible which can endanger all your personal data. The bad possibility is that your personal data can be sold, hijacked, or used for crime.

4.     Tapping Banking Data

The weak security system when using FreeVPN makes your personal data very vulnerable to being stolen and misused, including banking data. In fact, cases of burglary have often occurred due to the use of free VPN. If you want to avoid the dangers of using this VPN, you should not do banking transactions when using VPN!

2.     Mallware Attack

Do you feel familiar with the term Malware? Malware is a term for a dangerous virus that spreads on the internet and can attack any device and anyone connected to the internet. It turns out malware interference is also included as one of the disadvantages of using VPN, you know!

When using a VPN especially free, the risk of malware attacks is even higher due to the weakening of your internet security system. If you use VPN for mobile, make sure you only use secure VPN for Android, ok?

3.     Risk of Man In The Middle Attack

You who use a free VPN are also at risk of getting a Man In the Middle attack, which is an attack on computer systems that communicate with each other. One of the most lethal hacker attack methods has a concept where hackers are in the middle of a communication channel. Especially for reading, hijacking, and stealing data or even pasting it with malware.


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