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How Google Analytics Works?

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How Google Analytics Works?


What is Google Analytics? How Google Analytics works? Google Analytics is free service offered by Google? Yes this is free, This web service analyzes the behavior of the visitors to the website.

However google analytics is used for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and with that you could improve your business plan for marketing purpose.

Meanwhile this services is also used in Customer Relationship Management, some of your customers are more valuable than others.

Moreover Google Analytics you could track and know where when and how your customers are identified, and also you could personalize the site for these special customers. It’s good rights, that’s why google one of the best company in the world,rights?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has data visualization tools, custom report features, and additional integrated features with some other products including Adwords, Website Optimizer and how you can monetize to earn using google adsense. These Analytics are reliant on cookies. With the help of Google Analytics, you can analyze the audience behavior, set up goals, and reports.

Acquiring traffic is one of the toughest jobs for any webmaster. What is more, you can’t get traffic once and then just obtain the advantages. Getting traffic is a continuous task and you must be doing it regularly if you want to grow traffic and keep it.

A proper analysis is needed to know how to optimize your website and make it better.

Google Analytics offers two additional versions:

  • GoogleAnalytics 360 for enterprise users (Paid)
  • GoogleAnalytics (Mobile apps)

The best thing about Google Analytics is that it is completely free of cost. You can sign up for Google Analytics simply with your Google account. There are three easy steps to use Google Analytics. Create your account, get the tracking code, and install the code on the Web Pages.

Uses of Google Analytics

1. Customize Your Dashboard

In this paragraph i will show you how Google Analytics provides dashboard to customize your analytic data.

the best of this services you can create multiple dashboards and also you can add a number of widgets on your dashboard. The widgets will show the metrics, compare the metrics via a pie chart. The widgets can be filtered to show the relation between the data.

You can change the date range of the widgets. Your goals can be easily accomplished if you can see the overview of your stats for the traffic.

customize dashboard

2. To Find the Best Social Media Marketing Campaign

Google Analytics works helps you in getting which of your marketing campaign performs best in bringing traffic to your site.

You can check your local searches and Social media marketing through the advance segment and the traffic data from the local search directories by simply renaming the advanced custom segment as local search profile. That’s good rights?

You can check the traffic and other stats that arrive from the local searches. This will definitely help you in finding a good idea about the progress of your website.

3. Know the Location of Your Visitors

If you have knowledge about the location of your relevant visitors, you will be sure about where you should advertise your services more and you should know whether you want to focus on your country or not.

Google Analytics helps you in getting the location demographics of your visitors. You can check various parameters including average time spent on site, the bounce rate of visitors, and the demographic details.

With Google Analytics you can customize the region for which you want to see the results.

google analytics locations

4. Maximum Use of Keyword Search

Google Analytics is used to find what visitors are actually searching on your site. You can check your profile settings in the Google Analytics to track your site search box stats.

You can do it with the query parameter. The results are checked in the content menu under the usages option. You will get to know what terms or keywords are being most sought after by the visitors.

5. On-Page Analytics

Firstly Google Analytics works is used to check the On-Page Analytics under the content menu. It gives you the percentage of clicks on every internal link on your site.

Secondly This Analysis helps you in finding the most popular area of your site. You can use the most favorite keyword for your visitors. With Google Analytics, you can check the pages with the lowest bounce rate. The pages on which your visitors spend their maximum time has the lowest bounce rate. This can be checked under the site content option, In the same way it cause you can find the weakling of your sites.

6. To Know More About the Channels

Firstly Google Analytics let you know about the channels that are leading your visitors to your website. In this paragraph you  may know how you can get the source of maximum traffic to your sites besides you can increase your business by focusing more on that channel.

Secondly Google Analytics is also used in finding various performance indicators, you may get the page load time and cause you could track any of your site pages activity, and the information about the visitors’ browser and the operating system.

7. To Integrate with Other Services

One of the best part about the Google Analytics works is easily integrated with other tools and platforms like Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Google Search Console and has a user-friendly interface which works perfectly well on the mobile devices.

8. To Understand the Bouncing Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who leave (satisfied or unsatisfied) after visiting your page. You have to decrease the bounce rate of your sites. It simply that visitors are coming to your shop but doesn’t buy anything, that will cause your site getting bad rank. However with that case you may have to get your focus on getting clients and how enhancing the ways to get what users want.

With the use of Google Analytics, it’s easy. You will know which page has the least bounce rate and do possible steps to decrease the bounce rate of the other pages.


In conclusion a success of your website depends on various parameters you use on your website what could impact your website rank, but don’t forget one of the most importantly is your customer loyalty.

Firstly with Google Analytics, you can know the behavior of your customers and the significance of your content on your sites.

Secondly you could get the behavior of the visitors including who visits your sites and what they do on your site.

Thirdly you may know what time they spent on your site and what their favorite keywords searches are.

Google Analytics offers data visualization including charts, graphs, spreadsheets and more, this is a clear representation of showing how your data is actually performing on your sites. T

To reach your business goals, you need to present your data as reports you may notice it used to create reports to draw conclusions It is quite easier to compare the data and identify the insights relations.


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